Buying a property whether it be for the first time, or the one-hundredth time, for a lion share of the population, it is the most expensive purchase you will ever make. For this reason, most purchasers take advantage of a mortgage to assist with the purchase.  These can range considerably in size, term and, therefore you must secure one that suits your personal circumstances.


As everyone’s situation is different and that the mortgage market moves very quickly, we believe it is in your interest to ensure you get the deal that is tailored to your circumstances.

So, even if you have used a broker previously, we passionately believe that it is prudent to research if there are any better deals out there, especially as you may have this loan for up to 30 years and mortgage advice is always free.

Given the importance of funding when you are purchasing a property, whether it be in the hundreds of thousands of pounds or even millions, we have spent a huge amount of time making sure we partner with the very best mortgage broker,who can offer the best advice and secure the most attractive deals for our clients. For this reason, all of our own staff have used our recommended broker when purchasing their own homes, which we believe speaks the loudest about our confidence in the companies we use and partner with.

So, if you are in the early phase of just finding out what you can afford or you are about to make an offer, we would highly recommend speaking to our independent broker for some free advice.

For a confidential conversation with a qualified independent financial advisor, please call 020 8429 1444.


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