Welcome to Robert Cooper & Company, an Independent Estate Agency established in 1983.

We pride ourselves on providing a tailored service built around your circumstances and the home you want to sell, with the end result always the same - achieving the optimum price with the least fuss as possible.

Time to Sell

Once you have decided to instruct Robert Cooper, we will draw up a bespoke marketing plan tailored around your property, and share the details and timelines with you so you know what is happening, what results you can expect from each action and in what time frame.

One of the first of our service offerings is to attend your property to draw up detailed marketing material. This can include virtual tours, augmented reality drawings, diagrammatic floor plans, professional photography and detailed descriptions. Once we have prepared all of the marketing material (typically within 24 hours of you formally instructing us), we will share the details with you. Once you have approved every detail, we will then share on EVERY major portal available so your property is exposed to the widest possible audience. These sites include - but are not limited to - Rightmove, Zoopla, FacebookMarketPlace, OnTheMarket, Boomin and obviously our own website to name a few. This means that we take and create the most comprehensive suite of digital media possible and share it across every available platform. While this is being done the team will also be emailing your details out to our vast database that has been curated for approximately 40 years and simultaneously calling all potentially interested clients to inform them that your property is available.
At every stage - depending on how involved you would like to be - we will update you to advise you what is happening. Personally, we hate being kept in the dark, so we pride ourselves on the “no news calls” as we feel it’s better to tell you if there is no update than not call at all.


When it comes to appointments we believe it is better to carry out the viewing ourselves but this is at your discretion and we always follow your instructions. Irrespective of whether you are carrying out the appointments yourselves or letting us do them all, appointments will follow all current guidelines regarding social distancing and we will provide adequate PPE to any viewings.

After someone has viewed your property we will follow them up the next day and provide you with the feedback in the most constructive fashion. Once we have found somebody interested in making an offer, we will create a case study on that purchaser to share with you. The first stage of this is understanding the buyer's position; are they getting a mortgage, do they have a large deposit to put down and are they selling a property. We then verify their ability to secure a mortgage by making arrangements for them to speak to our broker to confirm their salary/circumstances. This will allow them to get the mortgage they need to buy your property. We will then ask to see bank statements to verify the deposit size if they have a strong deposit. Lastly, we will speak to their estate agent and solicitor to confirm the status of their sale if they are reliant on selling a property to raise funds for the purchase. All of this is done in an efficient and timely fashion, and usually takes a morning so we can share a comprehensive report with our recommendations on whether you should consider the offer or not. Ultimately, this decision is always yours as the owner but we provide you with all the information to make an educated decision. On top of this, we make sure that all our buyers are fully committed by taking non-refundable holding deposits at the point the sale is agreed, which shows how committed our purchasers are.

Agreeing a Sale

Once we have formally agreed a sale we will have an experienced member of the team to proactively manage the sale, which involves preparing a sales memorandum and a lot of chasing. This typically starts off with chasing the title deeds so the conveyancer can send out the draft contracts to the purchaser's solicitor. While this is happening we will be encouraging the purchaser to submit their mortgage application. Once the draft contract has gone across, the purchaser will need to apply for local authority searches, which - depending on the local authority - can take a couple of weeks. While this is happening we would expect to hear from the surveyor, instructed by the purchaser's lender, to inspect the property. Prior to the surveyor attending, we will share with them the details of the property and a list of similar properties to justify the purchase price to help prevent the surveyor amending the price to a lower level. Once the surveyor has reported to the bank and they have issued the mortgage offer and the solicitor is satisfied with the contract, enquires are answered and local searches are back, the conveyancer can report to the client and deposits can be paid and contracts signed. The next major landmark is where contracts are exchanged, a process that the conveyancers manage and sets the move out date in stone, committing all parties especially the purchaser, who typically pays a 10% holding deposit at this point. This is usually the point when you will arrange removals and contact providers to advise of your departure.


We also provide all sellers and purchasers with their own Robert Cooper portal to log in to see any updates with enquiries 24/7, viewings and even the progress of the sale. On top of this, all our staff have all lived and worked in the area for many years becoming an integral part of the local community, building our reputation for a professional and results-orientated service. We also offer several ways to ensure our service is tailored to you by building the way we sell your house around you. This is done by providing a number of ways the sale can be managed from the outset. The first is the most comprehensive, where we provide a ‘cradle to grave’ experience where we do everything from accompanying every viewing to progressing the sale and managing the solicitors and purchasers through to handover of keys.

Lastly, we offer a more cost-effective option for those that like to be a bit more hands on, which is Robert Cooper Lite. This service allows you to sell your house for a fixed fee of £1,499+VAT paid upfront. This is an option for those people who like to handle more of the process themselves. Having said that, if you want to leave it all up to us you can do that as well, we just like to have an option for everyone.

We ultimately believe that our passion for achieving record-breaking prices across HA4 and HA5 and the mix of a long standing family business is a winning combination. So, firstly we’ll done if you have read all of this and if you would like to discuss the potential sale of your home we would love to talk!

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